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Top Safety Device Picks

Here's a list of items I gifted to myself for safety, but can also be year-round gifts for anyone you love!

Disclaimer: This contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase something through one of the links on this site I make a small commission from that sale, at no cost to you.

Drewbblog Safety Gift Picks

Safety at home is a must! Home security videos online show people stealing packages from outside of houses and apartments all the time, especially during the holiday season. The Ring brand is extremely popular for home security, with different models and packages to suit your needs. The battery powered peephole camera was an easy install option, that didn't require hardwire installation to the door.

Monitoring the camera can be done by downloading the Ring app on your devices, which allows you to watch while away. Additional features I love include personalized notification alerts, live two-communication and the Ring Chime. Having a front door camera brings peace of mind. This is a great gift for families and people who live alone for security.

I decided to take my safety monitoring on the road by also purchasing a dash cam! A friend of mine who is on the road for work along has one and it's an electrotonic device I wanted to have in my car. Prices for dash cams can vary.

I chose the Scosche NEXC2, described as a high-end professional dual lens dash cam that records both the road and the interior of your car, in one compact camera. It records HD footage that provides visibility during the day and night.

The dash cam is monitored through the Nexsar app, where you can download full drives and clips. It includes 128GB internal memory for up to 12 hours of video and audio recording. This particular camera was one of the more on the pricey ones by a great investment especially for frequent drivers or ride share contractors.

I also have a personal safety alarm siren on my key chain lanyard at all times! Pressing the personal alarm button triggers a loud piercing sound & a flashing light attracting attention. This is a great device to have for traveling also!

My next car pick is a portable car jump starter. Yes, you read that correctly! My car battery has been replaced twice over the years and unfortunately both times I needed to call a car company for a jumpstart to the auto store. The portable car jump starter is a must have for EVERY DRIVER!

I have the DBPower brand, with traditional protection functions including jumper cables that can jump vehicles and a LCD screen with a built-in voltmeter on the cable. You can watch the voltage of the connected battery without connecting the battery. It also has a smart USB port, which can fully charge phones, tablets, and other devices quickly. When shopping for a portable jump start device, double check if it's compatible with your vehicle.

Having a portable jump starter in your car is convenient during an emergency, where road side assistance isn't available to help or another vehicle to give you jump start. Purchasing a portable one cost less than my bill from the tow truck company.

To protect the interior of my car, a full black set of seat covers! I have had my fair share of spillage over the years and seat covers have been a lifesaver (this isn't my first set lol). Very simple solution to give your car a clean look, there are a variety of colors so chose what fits your style!

What are your must haves for safety? Comment below and share!

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