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Celebrate Your Birthday Alone with Self Care Activities

Celebrating your birthday can bring mixed emotions, no matter what age. I made it a point to center the day all about myself a few years ago. You may think that would be a given, but some may shy away from it.

This year's celebration was the self care edition, meant to really shower myself with activities I love to indulge in stretched over a few days. I started with scheduling an appointment for a full body massage. It wasn't my first time getting one, the previous year on my birthday was the first. So it has become a tradition. The session was 90 minutes long. For my massages and services I bring earbuds and listen to a tv show on my phone. The entire experience was really a stress reliever and felt amazing.

A trip to the nail salon for a pedicure was up next the following day! I was booked for an early morning luxurious hot stone massage pedicure with an orange scrub. Some of my favorite parts of getting my feet done are the vibrating chairs, warm water and I can't forget about the hot stones!

Discover what makes you happy! Whether it's taking yourself to the movies, reading a book or simply snuggling under a cosy blanket at home. You define self care, on your birthday or any other day. It's taken me a few years to really fine tune what I enjoy and pursue those interest.

Finally, I enjoyed lunch at one of my favorite steakhouses. The calamari appetizer was delicious and for my entrée I choose sirloin with a side of mashed potatoes. Dining alone is probably one of my most common solo activities. After years of watching Food Network, seeing host explore different restaurants across the country I like to call myself a restaurant connoisseur. This year's birthday was one of my favorites, very simplistic yet so meaningful for taking care of myself.

Comment below your self care routine or favorite activities!

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