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Going Viral on Tik Tok

I joined Tik Tok late in the game in 2021 (or at least that feels late to me). The app where video is king and with millions of users.

I held out on downloading it due to consuming so much content on other platforms, but I gave in. I became a fan instantly! I decided to make a Tik Tok about switching back to relaxed hair after being natural for a year and a half in June. I knew black hair videos were big on the platform for many women, so why not document mine?

My appointment day came and I almost forgot to shoot the intro frame of my natural hair, but I quickly remembered and did it with my mask on right before I went into the salon.

I was pleased with my relaxed hair results, in reality I was only natural for a short period of time. A couple days later I decided to post the Tik Tok, about two hours later I noticed the notifications on the video coming in rapidly.

At that point I knew it was about to go viral and it did! Hundreds of comments from other black women sharing their hair journey, some in favor of relaxers, others not so much. It was a great discussion for dialogue about doing what is best for your hair! To date, the video has more than 280k views and the follow up video of me explaining why I went back to relaxers has more than 55k.

It made me realize Tik Tok is a great place to share experiences.

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