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Christmas Decorating on a Budget

The Christmas holiday season means decorating and festival cheer from Christmas trees, bright lights, tasty treats and more! It can come with a hefty price tag for some, but I like to do it on a budget. For a few years, I kept telling myself "I'll put up a Christmas tree and decorate", and I never got around to it until last year!

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Christmas is serious business, walking into stores you see entire aisles dedicated to the day. The National Retail Federation expects holiday sales during November and December this year (2021) to grow between 8.5 percent and 10.5 percent over 2020 to between $843.4 billion and $859 billion.

That's huge! But I'm here to help you decorate for the holidays without breaking the bank. First, it's important to consider the area you are decorating for. Ask yourself, do I want to decorate multiple rooms or one particular space? Then determine how much you want to spend for decorations. You can find items in stores or online but keep in mind you may spend a little more for shipping and handling buying on a website.

If you opt for in store shopping, it's okay to search around to see what selection is available and who has the best deals. The Christmas tree I purchased was a green 6-foot non-lit Wesley Pine Tree, 2.67 feet in diameter for $22 at Walmart. It's an easy to assemble tree with pre-attached hinged branches for simple set up with a tree stand included. This tree fits perfectly into a corner and is a modest size, if you don't want a large or small tree.

Adding ornaments to your Christmas tree is a chance to be creative and add personal touches.

Here are some decoration theme ideas:

  • Monochromatic (Any Color)

  • Traditional Red & Green Christmas Colors

  • Gold & Silver

  • DIY Ornaments ( Sentimental & Cost Saver)

  • Multi-colors

For the tree, I chose neutral warm white lights to loop around to start as a foundation to add colorful ornaments. Dollar Tree has an array of holiday decorations, in various sizes and colors. The locations in my area the inventory is still $1. I picked up gold reindeer ornaments and garland to add to the tree. I love round ornaments, Walmart sold multi-colored ones with gold glittery accents last season and they were by far my favorite part of my tree along with the cute little gold present box ornaments. I also incorporated wooden ornaments for a classic holiday touch, which brought back memories of the cartoons of Santa's woodshop elves.

For Christmas wreaths bigger is always better right? I have a frosty white one with a red bow for a price tag of around $20, you can find a similar wreath here online. It's suppose to be snow, without having to deal with the bitter cold temperatures. The designs for wreaths are endless and can be used as in home decoration or a front door ornament for your neighbors to know you have the holiday spirit. In total, I spent less than $100 for my holiday decorations. You set you own budget and avoid trying to keep up with the Joneses or spending beyond your means.

Christmas decorating can be simplistic throughout your home from placemats on the dining room table, to holiday theme glasses or center pieces. You want your own personal style to shine. All of these tips and ideas can be applied to other holidays and celebrations. Once the holiday season is over, pack everything up and store it for next year! The items I purchased last year, I will reuse again. No shame in keeping your decorations. If you want to add more items to your previous collection, that is okay too. Enjoy this Christmas holiday season and make it your own.

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Comment below and share!

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