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Chocolate Truffle Fall Season Wig

Fall season means it's time for a hair change. So I'm back with another review of the Outre Melted Hairline Lace Front Wig, I mentioned in my previous hair review.

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Described as a deluxe wide lace part 2"X 5" heat resistant fiber unit, safe up to 400 degrees, in the style Myranda-color DRFF Chocolate Truffle. Featuring a frontal effect hairline, natural baby hair and a pre-attached elastic band.

The cost $56.16 from You can also find Outre wigs at your local beauty supply stores and other hair supplier websites but certain styles and colors may be sold out due to popularity. This wig was hard to find and I see why, it's fantastic.

Applying the wig was easy and I used the same method as my previous reviews. I wear a flesh colored wig cap and apply my loose foundation powder on the inside of the lace to better match my skintone. I cut the lace while wearing the wig, but you can also purchase a wig stand to cut before applying.

This wig receives high praise from me, I didn't have to cut any pieces of the wig besides the lace. It fell perfectly (the swoop bang) and I loved the colors a blond/brown mix, again which is gorgeous for

fall. Texture wise it's a perfect mix of yaki and silky. I applied a little bit of water and foam wrap near the top crown area to make the hair lay flat.

I used edge control to lay the baby hairs. For this hair I used minimal baby hair and I don't use glue to secure the wig, instead a few bobby pins to hold it down. This wig had the least amount of shedding of all the Outre units I've purchased to date.

Myranda is a great everyday wig or for a special occasion. It's another synthetic fiber wig that's affordable and beginner friendly. I recommend this wig for hair lovers.

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