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Crochet Faux Locs Protective Style Review

Back to being a hair chameleon, this time faux locs again! Crochet faux locs to be exact. It wasn't my first time getting them, I went to my usual hair braider. She cornrows my hair then uses the hook tool to attach the locs.

The hair brand called Model Model Glance Braid Faux Loc Curly 10'' color OT27, individually pre looped for crochet. It's the same brand I've used previously for faux locs but this time I wanted to try color. The store I went to had a "buy one, get one half off" deal, I spent around $50 total on the hair.

There are many different lengths and styles from a variety of companies, if you're in search for hair to test out. The crochet method is faster to install than the traditional braiding method and it's one of the reasons why I love it. She installed six packs and I believe it took her around an hour from the cornrows to hooking all the hair in. She charges $100 for crochet installs.

Crochet hair can be tricky because adding too many locs can make it look bulky. Once I got home, the side bang area of the hair was a lot! I went in with my scissors and cut some of the locs out to remove some of the volume to my liking. Also, the locs came extremely neat in the pack and I prefer a more distressed look. I used my fingers to pull apart some of the faux locs, so they would not look so "perfect" after that I was pleased with how they turned out.

This is me just being Drew, making custom adjustments to my preferred taste. You can wear them straight out the pack. I was on the fence about if I was a fan of the color but it was only after I put the finishing touches on the style, I was obsessed! I wear this style for a month, it's so convenient.

After writing this review on this round of faux locs, did you know this was my backup hairstyle? Meaning I went to the hair store to purchase this hair after the original crochet hair I bought didn't work out! I ordered a different brand of distressed boho crochet faux locs and the loop was very small for the size of each loc.

My braider stated the locs were so heavy for the loop, it would cause tension and tug on my real hair. The distressed boho locs were so cute but it's something I didn't want to risk. Welp, there's always next time for those. But the curly faux locs have become my go-to for a quick protective style.

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