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Travel Solo with Confidence

Traveling alone can be scary to think about especially for women. Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Miami and St. Louis all places I’ve visited solo!

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Where does that confidence come from? Well, for me it started with moving away for college years ago and then moving to different cities and eventually out of state (from Texas to Illinois) in January 2018. I have always loved an adventure and seeing what’s out there in the world.

Safety is always the cause of concern when I talk to others about what holds them back for booking their solo adventure and rightfully so! As a former tv news reporter, I’ve covered my fair share of crimes.

When traveling alone I do make adjustments including finding a hotel with a restaurant. Just in case I don’t want to leave the property during the day, making food a few steps from my room or ordering room service. Also, I reserve all my exploring for daytime fun if I do choose to leave the hotel. There is strength in numbers especially at night but being a lone ranger most of the time, I decided I will not go out at night alone in any city. While out during the day, I wear a small safe personal alarm and self defense keychain on a lanyard. Pressing the personal alarm button triggers a loud piercing sound to attract attention if you are in trouble. Share your accommodations with someone you trust, there are also mobile phone apps that allow you to share your location as well with that person.

If you are looking for extra security while in your hotel room a portable door lock can help add peace of mind. While on vacation you may have the urge to share your photos instantly on social media. But I feel it's best to wait until you return home, posting your location in real time on your social media platform can be dangerous for solo travels.

Not ready to book that flight alone just yet? Try spending the day out alone doing activities or take a mini- vacation to somewhere that’s driving distance. You got this, one step at a time!

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