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Butterfly Locs Hair Review

The journey to getting this set of locs was not easy! Butterfly locs, boho locs, distressed locs, I've seen them called a few different names on tutorials and Pintrest boards. I wanted 10 inch crochet locs and that length I could not find at my local beauty supply stores, so I ordered from a brand online and unfortunately the hair loop was small and was going to damage my hair, felt and looked extremely cheap. Read all about this in detail on my Crochet Faux Locs Protective Style Review to fully understand.

A few weeks later, I ordered 10 packs of hair from another vendor for the butterfly locs in the colors 1b and 1 color. The cost was around $60 total. Like many of my hair blogs, I prefer crochet method, where my braider cornrows my real hair then uses the hook tool to install the hair. My braider charges $100 for crochet installs. Visually, this hairstyle looked amazing and I loved how they photographed in pictures! Seeing it on so many tutorials is what inspired me to try them in the first place. But sadly, I cut them out only after wearing them a week. Yes, a week!

Let's dive into the cons. The hair was very hot, meaning when I had my bonnet on at night I was sweating. I believe this was due to the cornrows and the thickness of the locs together, it felt like a thick helmet with no room for my scalp to breathe.

When I wear protective styles, the bonnet allows me to keep the hair neat and the butterfly locs were already 'distressed' and have a messy look, so sleepy without it made the hairstyle become frizzy in a few days. I'm talking to the point where I didn't like how the locs looked. So it was a losing situation all around.

I think maybe getting the locs done as individuals instead of having them crochet could have made a difference. I did keep the cornrows in, no sense in wasting a fresh set of those lol! The butterfly locs didn't last long for me but I did get a few great pictures from them!

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