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Living Alone and Exploring

Living alone can be scary! I've moved to four different cities alone over the years for school and work.

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In my situation, it was normal for journalists to relocate for jobs, it usually signifies growth and a chance to move up in the industry. My last tv news reporter job is why I moved from Texas to Illinois in 2018.

Each move meant a fresh start for me but it does have challenges from not knowing anyone and having to make new friends! I've managed to make a few friends in each city. But I must admit my last move during summer 2020 was the toughest due to restaurants and all social settings being closed.

2019 was the year I really began doing things for myself, including taking solo trips and crossing cities off my bucket list. It was important for me because life goes by in a flash and before you know it you're in your late 20s (speaking for myself) and asking what have I done for me? So when it all came to a halt it was shocking. But it eventually picked backed up in late 2020 for me to resume what I started the previous year.

If you are moving or just wanting to try exploring alone, I suggest doing it local and far! Attending festivals, fairs and other events have always been my favorite activities to do locally. It gives me a chance to see what the community has to offer. I consider myself a foodie and the local eats you can discover in your own town are amazing, I've also picked up amazing items such as homemade candles from vendors.

For booking a vacation alone you can read tips and advice in my Traveling Solo with Confidence blog.

Safety is key always, even at home! I'm always aware of my surroundings no matter where I go and stay alert. Now that doesn't mean I live in fear, but just keep my eyes open. I recently invested in an inexpensive home security camera set. There are tons of brands out there, it's important to purchase one that's compatible with your internet.

My current city probably will not be my last move, but after each one I've gained more knowledge and each move becomes easier. If you have a new opportunity to relocate and you are feeling afraid, be optimistic! I'm glad my journey has taken me to various places.

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