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Las Vegas Self Care Weekend

Las Vegas is a fast and flashy city. An international tourist destination with people coming for the casinos, culinary flare and entertainment. Once I touch down in Las Vegas it feels larger than life even at the airport from the slot machines to shops inside!

My recent trip was my second time visiting the city. My longtime friend from college moved to Las Vegas a few years ago, so she also has a local perspective on the city.

For our girls weekend, we stayed a mile and a half off the strip in a newly renovated hotel for two days. The price tag for the room was $250 for each of us. Very reasonable comparable to the more well-known hotels we originally searched, which would have cost us $500 each or more. The hotel was simple a ride away from the strip, so we didn't feel as if we were missing out on any action. I'm a very visual person so the architecture on the outside was the first thing I noticed arriving at the hotel. Inside the lobby was open space with the slot machines in the distance and I immediately noticed a very abstract wall with plants and a red seating area. I knew taking a photo in front of the art was on my 'to do' list before leaving and it was successful lol! We decided to start our trip with food and drinks. After eating the pool was our next stop, the temperature was 105 degrees in Las Vegas. The desert heat is truly on an entire different level, and I thought I knew hot after living in Texas for a number of years. The pool was filled with sand at the bottom with a rock island in the middle. My friend compared it to being at any tropical location you wanted it to be and I agreed! We spent hours at the pool, catching up over a drink.

The next day, brunch along with a little gambling inside one of the hotels made the day fun. Plus, what's a vacation without a tourist destination? Well, our choice was the Linq High Roller, an observation wheel 500 ft. about the Las Vegas Strip. I didn't come home with any money from hitting a casino jackpot, only a great time in an amazing city. I'll say it time and time again, make time to schedule some fun in. You deserve it!

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