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Travel Essentials For Your Next Getaway

Packing for a vacation can be one of the best parts of trip planning. The excitement of cute swimsuits for the beach or outfits to match your destination! But it can be a pain without proper planning. So I'm here to help!

Disclaimer: This contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase something through one of the links on this site I make a small commission from that sale, at no cost to you.

Packing is essential! Have you ever been traveling thinking , did I over pack? I bring a few outfits, my make-up along with hygiene items. Packing minimally also allows me to be able to bring home souvenirs to fit in my suitcase! The suitcase I travel with is a carry-on set that can fit in the overhead bin or be checked-in valet luggage on the flight.

I'm such a foodie and experiencing different restaurants is one of my favorite activities on vacation. Most of the hotels and resorts I book don't have a microwave in the room. A small heated lunch box allows you to heat leftovers. If you are budgeting for a particular trip it's helpful and for your everyday work week when packing a lunch.

Whatever you choose to pack for your next getaway, I hope you bring back many positive memories.

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