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St. Louis a Midwest Staple for My Soul

St. Louis, Missouri was the first large city in the Midwest I visited once I moved to Illinois from Texas. It was only two hours away from my small Illinois city. From multiple concerts, shopping trips and good eats, it quickly became one of my favorite cities.

My latest trip this summer, a friend from Texas flew up and we met with another close friend of hers and we ate our way through the city. St. Louis has great culinary charm from the famous barbeque, to so many different restaurants that have their own unique flare. We went to a sports bar, then a cute rustic style restaurant trying a charcuterie board and tasty desserts. I also had a very tasty crab cake, I was even more impressed with the presentation. In total, we dined at three restaurants that day.

After my friend left St. Louis, I had about a day to myself alone. Decided to try Ruth Chris Steakhouse, a very popular eatery and enjoyed the lambs chops with blue cheese topping along with one of their whiskey based drinks.

Following dinner, I went to the St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs MLB game, it was my first time attending a professional baseball game in about 10 years! The last game I went to was during the season the Cardinals beat the Texas Rangers in the World Series. It made me laugh inside, I never would have thought of living in the Midwest years later. It was a exciting trip and of course I will be back to St. Louis!

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