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Protective Styles: Changing Hair

Protective styles are wonderful for hair care. I've found myself leaning more toward wearing braids, twists and faux locs for the last 18 months. Easy maintenance and stylish is what I call it! I never liked spending too much time on my hair. I enjoy the versatility these styles offer from different colors, lengths and textures. When I say protective styles that doesn't always mean sitting in a chair for eight hours to get them done. I often do crochet styles, when my hair is braided back aka cornrows and she uses a special hair tool to hook and attach the hair. Braided wigs have also been wonderful for me and are a great option especially if you like to change your hair often. It's important to establish a routine to care for your natural hair. I've made it a point to find a stylist that's knowledgeable about taking care of my hair. A visit to the hair salon for me means getting my hair washed and ends trimmed. My advice is to research and learn your hair, even if that means finding someone to help you :)

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