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Miami Beach Good Times Hotel Luxury

Going to the beach is relaxation for me. I booked Miami Beach, Florida for the first time Christmas week December 2020. I was trying to escape the Midwest cold and everyone always raves about Florida!

I stayed at the Palms Hotel & Spa and it was amazing. The beautiful property featured renovated spa inspired bathrooms, vibrate colors and exceptional service. The splashes of tropical green and relaxed environment made it a perfect solo vacation after a long year.

The food was delicious from the fresh mixed greens and vegetables on the sandwiches and mixed drinks at the island style bar. The pina colada was my absolute favorite. Lounging on the beach chairs and soaking up the ocean side view is a site to remember.

Of course, I had to try the spa! The deep tissue massage was very enjoyable, from the dimly lit room and serene music. I returned to Miami in February 2021 and I can officially say I have become a Florida vacation person.

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