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Chicago: Exploring the Windy City

Chicago is the first place people mention when they hear I live in Illinois. I have to tell them I don't live there and after that they don't know much about the rest of the state, which is a blog for a different time.

But let's continue to talk about Chicago. I took the train for my visit and stepping out of Union Station on Canal Street, it was a culture shock. The first thing I noticed was the architecture. The buildings were larger than life and don't get me wrong, I've seen big buildings in Texas but they were on another level in the Windy City.

For some of my trips alone, I don't like to book a hotel ahead of time. I want to feel the atmosphere and scout on the ground hotels that catch my eye. The hotel I chose was grand with amazing fixtures in the lobby and comfortable beds. After finding a hotel, I decided to explore. Visiting various restaurants and experiencing the famous Navy Pier.

It was a fun spot to explore, when I travel to cities I love going to the tourist spots, while mixing in what the locals do. It's all about balance for me.

I recommend people putting Chicago on their bucket list of travel spots. There is so much to see and I promise you won't forget it.

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