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Your Fashion Style 101

Personal style is what you make it. Midwest living means you can wear your cute summer romper one day and a hoodie for the cold temperatures the next day.

During the summer, bold cute pattern outfits are right up my alley for a cute date night with a guy or friends. A shopping trip for makeup and clothes, a tee and leggings are the way to go (bonus if it's a graphic tee to spice up the look.)

One favorite that has been a part of my style routine are eyelashes. I remember sitting in my college dorm around 2011, watching my favorite YouTubers teach me how to do makeup. Can we take a second to acknowledge, researching beauty tips that long ago on Youtube. Before influencers really catapulted to the top of our digital world. Many of the women who I watched then are still creating content now, but are considered the OG's.

Now back to eyelashes, it's a simple way for me to elevate my look. I prefer the big bold lashes! But I also know many women who love natural ones!

It's important for everyone to customize their look. That could mean with shoes, accessories or makeup. Find what makes you feel beautiful and confident and wear it unapologetically.

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