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Home to Dallas/Fort Worth: Self Care Day

Visiting family in Texas has become apart of my routine for the past ten years between college and moving to different cities for jobs. This July 4th trip was a simple one. Actually, my one-and-a-half-hour flight took a total of four hours due to delays and weather but once that was over it was simple lol.

I decided on a self-care day! I researched Black owned spas in the area, and I booked a Brazilian wax with Rosie’s Beauty in Arlington. I wanted to try getting waxed and after watching videos on Tik Tok about the process, I

was ready. It was painful and quite a shock, the waxer made me feel very comfortable and was very professional. After leaving the spa, I stopped by a daiquiri shop to grab a drink to go for later. Yes, in Texas there are spots where you can get a daiquiri to go in a cup. It’s the small treats in life that add up for me that also count!

No matter what your idea of self-care, it’s important to make time for them and remember it’s okay to do something for yourself.

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